About Us

F. G. Guardia y Asociados started operations in 1973 by its founding partner and engineer, Federico G. Guardia. From the beginning, the company specialized in works of civil and sanitary engineering in Panama, mainly in the areas of studies, designs and inspections. During the first ten years of operations, the firm's founder, Billy (as he became to be known by clients and friends) ran the company, leaving his personal and professional mark in every job executed, while at the same time, leading the formation of his work team to prepare them for succesion. The presence and recognition of the firm, among the finest engineering companies in the country, is the result of the vision, determination and competence of its founder.

In 1994, the second family generation, in the person of Julia Elena Guardia, civil and sanitary engineer, and daughter of the founder and president, took charge of the business, starting a new era of development for the company. F. G. Guardia has technically contributed to solve the needs of drinking water supply; the distribution of rain and residual waters; and the construction of diverse types of infrastructures for both public and private sectors, in urban and rural areas of the country. Today, a large part of all land movements, drinking water and sewage systems, rain water drainage and road systems of the largest residential developments in Panama City, have been designed and/or inspected by F. G. Guardia y Asociados.

Since 2004, F. G. Guardia also provides architectural design services, with the incorporation to the company's management team of Jorge Enrique Varela, architect, and Julia Elena's husband. Being part of a stronghold company in the field of engineering, allows our architects the development of integrated projects, even in remote areas. Despite being a young competitor in the field of architecture, as a division of its engineering traditional core business, several of the company's projects have established a characteristic architectural style. The designs reflect versatility, functionality and aesthetics, always rsponding to the specific needs of its clients. The firm engages not only in the design of first and second private residences, from luxury properties to social housing needs, but also in the development of commercial and public buildings.

F.G. Guardia y Asociados continues to grow with a passion for design and innovation, in order to uphold the confidence of its clients, through a customized service and attention to their precise needs of spaces and infrastructures.

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